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To promote safe bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation statewide through advocacy and education
HomeSummit: Poster Session

Efforts and Achievements

Organizations showcase their successes and challenges to promote cycling in Oklahoma. 
Persons attending the session may learn new ways of promoting fun and safe cycling in their communities.
Ken Graham will be hosting this session.

Groups and organizations that will be presenting include:

Tulsa Bike Club: Michael Schooling

Oklahoma Bicycle Society ( metro OKC bike club ) : Jim Wetzel

Oklahoma EarthBike Fellowship ( mountain biking ): Tegan Malon

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments: Charlotte Adcock

BikeOklahoma: Ken Graham

Stillwater: Keith Reed

Your Panelists

Photo Name Session Role Biography
Ken is a dedicated advocate for bicycling in Oklahoma.
He has been on the BikeOklahoma board for four years and has served as the
  Treasurer and President Elect before assuming the office of President this year.
He also serves on the Oklahoma Bike Summit board and on the Tulsa Bicycle
  Advisory Committee (BPAC).
He has ridden Oklahoma Freewheel several times since 1983
  and enjoyed a bicycle and barge trip in France this summer.
Tulsa Bicycle Club President, 2018
I've been actively involved in cycling for the past 14 years.
I served on the Board of Directors for Oklahoma Freewheel for several years in the mid-late 2000's.
I have held several roles within the Tulsa Bicycle Club and have been the webmaster for many years.
I was actively involved in reinvigorating the Indian Nations Council of Governments
  Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and served briefly as secretary for the group.
I'm active with Tulsa Bicycle Club's adopted BIKE CLUB school where we train 5th graders and
  award new bikes at the end of their training.
I am a life member of the League of American Bicyclists and an LCI and
  am a life member of the Adventure Cycling Association
  and have been a member of the Bike Oklahoma for many years.

( OKC )
 Vice President, OBS
Just a guy who loves to ride and share the joy of cycling with others.
I get lost a lot so I am affectionately known as GPS Jimmy.
 President, Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship
Tegan Malone is an educator in the real world.
In her spare time, she follows her passions with the Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship.
She loves to be on a bike, and you can find her on a mountain bike trail,
  gravel road, or paved road or trail all throughout the week!
of Central
 Associate Planner - Multimodal
Charlotte assists ACOG with planning for bicycles and pedestrians in the central Oklahoma region.
She had a hand in the most recent round of funding through the Transportation Alternatives
  Program for the region and studied crashes involving cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycles.
She also works on livability initiatives such as Open Streets
  and partnered with OBS to produce the regional trails map.
Charlotte received both her bachelor's in GIS and master's in Regional and City Planning from OU.
While living in Norman, she got into riding her bike to and from class.
Now she lives in northwest Oklahoma City
  and can be found most days riding around Lake Hefner after work.
   Keith Reed  Stillwater  Bicycle Rider. Head dreamer at Keith's Bike Fort
My passion is sharing the magic of a good bicycle ride with as many people as I possibly can.
This has taken many forms but my current focus centers around my bike fort
  and Stillwater's Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee. 

Bike Summit
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