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14901 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Unit 1A
Oklahoma City, OK 73134-6078
To promote bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and a bicycle-friendly Oklahoma through advocacy and education.
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2017 State Report Card

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You've seen them and now you want one! These Special Interest Plates are $19.00 each initially, $16.50 each for annual renewal. Membership in Bike Oklahoma is required.

Note: "SAMPL" will be replaced with the next numeral in sequence and centered.

Just follow the easy steps outlined below and you'll be Biking Oklahoma in no time:
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  1. Print the 708D form from Oklahoma Tax Commission website (one form per vehicle tag)
  2. Check BYC on the 708D form, right column. 
  3. Enter your vehicle registration information on the Request Form
  4. Mail a copy of your Bike Oklahoma confirmation email, completed Request Form(s) and your check to:

Oklahoma Tax Commission
Motor Vehicle Division 
Special Plate Section
2501 North Lincoln Boulevard Oklahoma City, OK 73194-0013 
OTC phone: 405-521-2468  

Oklahoma Bike Summit

Save the Date
Coming to OKC Oct. 25 & 26, 2019

October 25 - Transportation Planners and Engineers. Keynote Speaker,Toks Omishakin, Tennessee Department of Transportation 

October 26 - Bicyclists, Two Track Sessions: Building Your Cycling Skills, Promoting Cycling in Your Community

Legislative Bills

HB2191 amends existing state law regarding motorists passing a bicyclist. The minimum safe passing distance is increased to five feet. On multi-lane roads (two or more lanes in each direction) motorists are required to completely change lanes to pass a bicyclist. Fine for colliding with or causing a bicyclist to crash is increased to $1000. Fine for collisions resulting in the death of a bicyclist is increased to $10,000.
Click HERE to see the text in HB2191




You can create your own bill track at to follow the progress of these bills and be notified of committee meetings and votes.


Its never too early to make contact with your legislators and let them know what you want!

Try this link to find your representative:

And here is the link to find your Senator:



Thanks to Pete Kramer and Kevin Mussett for this great info!

Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition is changing to BikeOklahoma

In an effort to better reflect the purpose of the statewide bicycle advocacy organization, OBC is changing to BikeOklahoma.

Old Logo
New Logo

For a while you may still see OBC listed, but over time you will see the new branding.

Oklahoma Cycling Report Card

The League of American Bicyclists has published their annual ranking of states for Oklahoma.
To read the report card: click HERE    For information about the ranking process: click HERE
And to see how Oklahoma stacked up to all other states: Click HERE

Just Out:  Report on the Importance of Bike Safety

A Right to the Road: Understanding & Addressing Bicycle Safety goes way beyond training bicyclists to ride safer.

Funded through a grant by State Farm Insurance and prepared by Governors’ Highway Safety Organization, this report reinforces what some government agencies are beginning to realize and implement - that formally educating the motorist as well as cyclists, engineering better facilities, and creating and enforcing bicycle friendly laws, are key to decreasing bike-related crashes and fatalities.

This report is worthy of reading cover to cover, and sharing with your local government and representatives, bike clubs, and fellow bike advocates.  

Bike Friendly Businesses

Did you know that Oklahoma has eight League of American Bicyclist’s (LAB) recognized Bike Friendly Businesses? 

These are workplaces that create a bike friendly environment for its employees. 

Based on 4 of the 5 “E’s”, Encouragement, Education, Engineering, and Evaluation, employees are provided such benefits as:

· showers

· bicycle parking

· bike safety classes

· Sponsorship of cycling teams and group rides

· participation in the National Bike Challenge

· company bike coordinators. 

Beyond encouraging cycling among their employees, many of them support bike advocacy by being members of the Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition (OBC) and supporting sponsored bike events such as the Bike Summit  and Freewheel

By supporting bike friendly businesses, you’re approving their impact on bicycling in Oklahoma. 

More info on LAB’s Bike Friendly Business Awards at: www.bikeleague/business 

Here are the eight Oklahoma Bike Friendly Businesses:

By-Law Changes

Proposed Amendments to

Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition (OBC) By-laws

Posted August 7, 2017. There will be a vote for these proposed changes by the OBC membership, done via email, on Oct. 1, 2017. Deletions marked with cross-through, additions are underlined.



Add new language providing for dispersal of assets in case of OBC dissolving as a corporation.  This amendment provides guidance to the board in dispersal of OBC assets.  The Bylaws address other fiscal concerns, but not this one.

Article 7- Miscellaneous

7.5 Dispersal of Assets.  In the eventof dissolution of the corporation, all assets will be transferred to a qualified 501-c-3 organization.


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