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To promote safe bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation statewide through advocacy and education
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2021 - HB1706 - US Bike Route 66

Require the Oklahoma Department of Transportation sign and send application requesting Historic U.S. Route 66 be declared a U.S. Bicycle Route.

Status: 3/12/2021: ODOT has agreed to create a committee to work on AASHTO application. This bill may be closed soon.
3/31 - First ODOT US BR 66 meeting was held.

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How you can Help Route 66 - How to help   

SB184: Improving regulations for electric assist bicycles on trails

SB184 improves recent legislation on the use of e-bikes on paved trails by changing focus from vehicle technology to behavior. This has 3 direct benefits:

  1. It removes risk of profiling in enforcement;
  2. It more directly addresses trail safety in a way that is enforceable;
  3. It increases accessibility, better supporting active transportation.
Status 5/3/21 - Passed House and Senate - signed by Governor. 

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2021 - HB435 Tax credit for electric assist bicycles

What It Accomplishes SB435 provides a $200 tax credit for applicable electric assist bicycle purchases, which will increase active transportation modes with 3 key benefits:
1. Healthier for the individual, reducing strain on our healthcare system;
2. Improve impact to air quality;
3. Reducing wear and tear on our roads by encouraging lighter vehicles.

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SB618: Establishing a State-wide Complete Streets Policy

SB226: Updating Speed Limit regulation to allow lower speeds

SB618 directs the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to develop a Complete Streets Policy, with 3 key benefits:
1. Prioritizes design that reflects transportation being about people and safety, not just cars and speed;
2. Structures technical and financial assistance to local projects to reflect the same safe and efficient transportation priorities;
3. Provides consistent guidelines to enhance familiarity of associated infrastructure, while also reducing future maintenance burdens.

SB 226 updates 47-11-801 and 803 to more easily allow school zones and neighborhoods discretion to set speed limits below 25 mph.

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HB1770  comprehensive bike bill

 filed by Rep. Dobrinski.
The four main subjects of this bill include:

  • Allowing people on bikes to treat stop signs as yields, sometimes called the “Idaho or Delaware Stop”. 
  • Update hand signals so that a person on a bike can lawfully use a right hand to signal when turning right.
  • A person cannot honk at a person on a bike, equine or animal-drawn carriage when there is no immediate danger
3/12/2021: Passed house 76-13. 
4/5/21 HB1770 passed Senate Safety committee 9-2 - n

4/20 - Senate Vote passed 43-4!
5/4/21 - re-approved by House.
On to the Governor's desk for signing into law, to take effect Nov 1, 2021!

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Text of bill - click HERE

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