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To promote safe bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation statewide through advocacy and education
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Bike Club

How to start up the “Bike Club” at a school.

Bike Club is an after school program for youth to cycle together, building strength and bike handling skills.

Bike Club teaches elementary and secondary school children how to safely use a bike for transportation and recreation.

The mission of Bike Club is to inspire, educate, facilitate and support young people in developing transit self-determination, physical health, self-awareness, and emotional stability through informed and experiential study of vehicular cycling. Club participants see a positive change in their mental, physical, and emotional health, while having a lot of fun and making relationships with adult mentors.

Bonnie Winslow will Host this session.
Speakers include: Gary Percefull - Tulsa
Chad Watts - OKC

Cynthia Gedra (Stillwater)

Tulsa has already started this program, with 800 participants. OKC is just starting Bike Club. This session will share the hints on starting a Bike Club in your community.

Your Panelists

Photo Name Session Role Biography
 Host I’ve been involved in bicycle advocacy since attending
  my first Oklahoma Bike Summit in 2011.
I have assisted Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition with the work
  on designating Ok Route 66 as a US Bicycle Route.
In mid 2013, I became President of the Oklahoma Bicycle Coalition,
  holding that position until 2018.
This is my 5th OK Bike Summit and the fourth that I have
  assisted in planning.
My interest is in bike tourism, having ridden on multiple seven day
  tours in and out of Oklahoma.
In my previous life I worked for the Bureau of Land Management,
the National Park Service and the US Forest Service.
I still volunteer at National Park sites as a camp host.
I enjoy traveling, fillin’ in the map so to speak,
  having new experiences, and meeting new people.
I ride a recumbent bike and occasionally a mountain bike.
I have a goal of riding every rail-trail in the U.S. on my
  mountain bike or recumbent.
Speaker - 
Gary Percefull is a businessman and community volunteer in Tulsa.
In 2015, he helped start an after-school Bike Club.
Since then, Gary and partners Mike Wozniak, Jason Whorton
  and Adam Vanderberg have encouraged the growth
  of the program to more than two dozen schools
  across Tulsa and Oklahoma. 
Speaker - 
 Chad studied marketing at the University of Central Arkansas,
Speaker -
 Bike commuter
I have been a bike rider most of my life,
   but really started riding in groups with the Red Dirt Divas
  of Stillwater a few years ago.
I have ridden on OK Freewheel 4 times, and rode on a tour
  with my husband in northern Spain in 2016.
I ride for fun and to commute to work, serve on the
  Stillwater Bike and Pedestrian Committee,
and am excited about getting more people on bikes!

Bike Summit
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