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To promote safe bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation statewide through advocacy and education
HomeSummit: Educating car drivers

Educating car drivers

Learn ways that car drivers and cyclists can safely share the road.

This session will be hosted by Sharon Bennett and Susan Brock
Speakers will include:
Jason Wadell - OKC Cycling Law Advocate
Shawn Gibson - OSU police department and League Cycling Instructor
Rockford Brown - Payne County Sheriff Dept.

Your Panelists

Photo Name Session
 Host  Road and New Gravel Rider
   Jason Wadell  Speaker  Attorney- Jason Waddell, PLLC
Jason Waddell is an attorney practicing in Oklahoma City.
His law practice is almost exclusively related to representing injured people whose injuries occur
  through a bicycle wreck, car crash, or trucking accident.
Jason has successfully represented many cyclists in Oklahoma who have been involved in
  crashes with automobiles.
Prior to attending law school at the University of Oklahoma, Jason was a Nationally
  ranked Elite Amateur cyclist as well as a Professional Cyclist.
Jason still rides and races his bike including commuting by bike to the office.
Through his legal expertise and extensive bicycling knowledge,
  Jason has lately been involved in the Oklahoma Legislative process
  relating to cyclist’s rights which has included drafting legislation.  
   Shawn Gibson  Speaker  Shawn is a member of the OSU Police Force. 
He is a League Certified Instructor of the League of American Bicyclists.
   Rockford Brown  Speaker I have been an employee of the Payne County Sheriff's Office for nearly sixteen years,
  and in that time I have worked in the jail, dispatch, patrol, and on a K9 team.
The last year has been spent working as an investigator.
I investigate all crimes in Payne County, but my area of emphasis is in crimes
  against persons and crimes against children.
Growing up, I rolled around on my single-speed, fixed gear, Huffy.
A hand me down from the older brother.
I got back into bicycles in early 2011 with another single-speed.
I finally bought my first new bike in 2014, a tangerine Surly Cross-Check.
In 2015, I brought my first child on a ride and with that, shorter bike trips happened,
  as I cannot pull the Burley trailer as far.
On my life I have learned this, it is more fun with bikes and beer,
  but there's not much that is more enjoyable than watching my
  littles roll around on their little bikes.

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