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2019 Photo Contest - Deadline for Submission is Friday, August 3rd

Bike Oklahoma is revamping our website and would like to highlight your bicycling experiences.  Do you have any award winning photos?  Enter the contest and find out.  Just a few rules.


1.  Anyone can submit a photo except Marketing Committee board members.  Submission must be by photographer of image.

2. Subjects are:

  • Safe Riding Illustration (using hand signals, following rules of the road, wearing helmet)
  • Family Riding
  • Bike Safety Training
  • Racing or BMX Competition
  • Group Rides
  • Scenic Rides
  • Humorous

You can submit one image per subject class per person, up to 7 entries.

3. If children under 18 are in photo, need written release to be sent with photo.

4. Bicycle(s) and rider(s) in motion.

5. Any submitted photo becomes property of Bike Oklahoma to be used on webpage, other social media.  Photographer will be credited for the photo.


1st place - $50 - gift card at your fav bike shop, 3 year Bike Ok membership

2nd - $25 - gift card at your fav bike shop, 2 year Bike Oklahoma membership

Honorable Mention - 1 year Bike Oklahoma membership

Judging criteria:

Each image will be rated on a 1-5 scale with 5 as best, 1 as Fair.

Criteria: well defined center of interest based on subject class, the effective use of focus (foreground and background), sharpness, and contrast.

Email photos with file title that includes subject name to    Ex.: familyride.jpeg   Submission by August 3rd, 2019.


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