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HomeSummit: 2019-Sat-Gain Influence

10 steps to gaining Influence with your local and state government

Participants will learn techniques and best practices to work with both local government and state elected representatives. Discussions will include an overview of the state bill making process, as well as some suggestions on how to navigate the complex process of getting legislation passed through the legislative houses.

Your Panelists

Jason Waddell 

Rich Rogalski 

Attorney- Jason Waddell, PLLC
Jason Waddell is an attorney practicing in Oklahoma City. 
His law practice is almost exclusively related to representing injured people whose injuries occur   through a bicycle wreck, car crash, or trucking accident. 
Jason has successfully represented many cyclists in Oklahoma who have been involved in 
  crashes with automobiles. 
Prior to attending law school at the University of Oklahoma, Jason was a Nationally 
  ranked Elite Amateur cyclist as well as a Professional Cyclist. 
Jason still rides and races his bike including commuting by bike to the office. 
Through his legal expertise and extensive bicycling knowledge, Jason has lately been involved in the Oklahoma Legislative process relating to cyclist’s rights which has included drafting legislation.

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